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Friday, 10 October 2008 08:00

Jezebel.com had an article earlier this week about how getting "accidentally" knocked up on purpose is all the rage in London.

The Times of London has an article about women in their thirties who get pregnant "accidentally on purpose," meaning they have unprotected sex with someone they think is "good father material" without the dude knowing their intentions. The paper talks to a woman named Katya who kept the baby that resulted from a 2 week fling; she is making no demands on the father. "I’m not expecting him to be involved. I’m financially independent, so I know I can give this baby an amazing life," she says. "I will be able to offer a more stable life than some of my girlfriends, who gave up their jobs a decade ago to have children, and who are now in failing marriages and have no independent income.”

So is this like the decade of Free Love all over again, only this time with a very specific purpose in mind?  Any thoughts on this?  Personally, I don't have a problem with people having children.  That is their thing and I'm not going to mess with it, however, how will all these children grow up?  Most people tend to turn out a little better having two good parents, let alone only one good parent or even bad parents.

Here are 11 Life Lessons from The Big Lebowski.

Iron Man came out on DVD this week.  There's a single and double disc option.

Are those who oppose the US bank bailout nihilists?  Well David Brooks thinks so.  Check out the clip and see what you think.

Here's a Chicago Sun-Times article by Cathleen Falsani, fellow dudeist and author of upcoming book The Gospel According to the Coens.  In it she mentions the new book Every Monday Matters.

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