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Wednesday, 07 January 2009 10:28

I found some more Lebowski art.  This is a blog called Pencil Shavings.  There are several drawings.  I think the easiest way to see them all is to look at the archives for January 2009.  They were all posted on the 2nd.

If you live in Boulder, Colorado you might want to check out Restaurant 4580.  They have a new dessert on the menu called The Big Lebowski.  It's an ice cream sandwich with white russian ice cream and and gingerbread slices.  The link has a lot of restaurant things on it, just search for "lebowski" and you should find it at the end.

Here's an interview with the band Liam and Me.  Their name is definitely a Lebowski tribute but their songs aren't all focused on the movie or anything like that.  They have a decent sound.  Check out their MySpace page.  We just sent them a friend request.

A lot of you probably remember the Lebowski buzz that Rolling Stone had back in September.  Personally, I thought the article was a bit lame and wasn't all with it.  Maybe I'm just a Lebowski elitist?  Anyways, This morning I found an article by Walter Kirn on the same topic - why the Dude is still relevant.  I found this article to be much more informative, accurate, and just plain good.  Check it out.

Liz and I haven't picked up our copy of Burn After Reading yet but it's on the short list of things to do.  I found a couple of dvd reviews this morning.  Both reviewers didn't seem too impressed with the special features.  That's not too surprising since the Coens aren't big into commentary tracks and the like, but that don't matter to Jesus (to borrow the parlance of our times).  We just want to see the movie again.  No, it hasn't surpassed our fondness for TBL, but it was still pretty funny and entertaining.  If you haven't seen it yet, you should probably go rent it...tonight.

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