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Written by Chalupa   
Sunday, 18 January 2009 21:45

For those of you who have seen Burn After Reading, I'm sure you have come across both the love and the hate people have for this film.  Hopefully you fall into the love category and if not, that's cool, that, that's cool.  When I personally come across somebody expressing distate for the film I have tried to get a reason why.  It's been pretty hard.  I hear things like...

  • It was stupid
  • It had no plot
  • It wasn't funny
  • It didn't make sense
  • It was a waste of time
  • I was disappointed
  • The story went nowhere

I understand if somebody didn't find it funny.  I found it funny, but different strokes for different folks, right?  When people say it was stupid and boring, etc - I ask them why and just get more vague statements.  I think the Coens are an acquired taste.  Some people like them, and some people don't.  Here are a couple more reviews I found that you might enjoy.

Burn it before you try and watch it - This review is, obviously, a negative one.  One reason it sucked was because the boom mic kept dipping into the picture.  That's not the film folks - that's the theater's fault.  More specifically, that's the projectionist's fault.  The film wasn't framed right.  I also don't like that this guy worked up hatred for the film before he even saw it.  This negative review was in its infancy before the reviewer could even review it.

Killing Thrillers - Here's a positive review I found.  They say it's not a superbly great film, but go on to say, "...it works, and manages to be one of the best comedies for thinking adults to come out of America in some time."  That says a lot and I totally agree.

And before you go, I posted a new fan email from Rich.  He wrote in to tell us about Bill Clinton mentioning the rug in the oval office last week when all four living presidents met up with president elect, Barack Obama.


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