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Monday, 23 March 2009 09:07

As a child I remember my parents being in a bowling league and hanging out at the bowling alley while stuff was going on.  After the games were over us "kids" were sometimes allowed to try a roll or two.  Being four years old or so, it wasn't easy trying to push a ball down the lanes.

The United States Bowling Congress has recently made some findings in bowling ball construction that has been giving some an unfair advantage.  It has something to do with the composition of the exterior and the materials used.  This determines how well the ball grips the lane, it's speed, and hooking potential.  They've created some rules regulating certain types cannot be used in league games.  I'm sure will be disappointed, but this is probably for the best.  We know Walter would approve.

The United States Bowling Congress will begin enforcing new ball specifications beginning next month. If Walter Sobchak (played by John Goodman in “The Big Lebowski”) pulled a gun on someone for toeing the line, well, he wouldn’t be happy to know that some bowlers have gained an unfair advantage with their choice of ball.

For the whole story see: Keeping Bowlers Honest - http://www.kansascity.com/sports/story/1100857.html

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