Chalupa & Liz:

I need a ball shammy.

As I drove back to Upland, IN last week to guest-teach a communications course to freshman and sophomores, I realized that I hadn't been back to Taylor in a couple years. I wondered how much had changed. I was actually kind of scared. After all, I had a kid now and was overweight; ok, so all that changed about me was the kid part. But still, you get what I'm saying.

When I got on campus, there were buildings I didn't recognize everywhere. The students looked like junior high kids. And, worst of all, it still smelled like poo.

As the class began, I was honestly scared that I was out of touch with Taylor University in 2009-10. I didn't know if everything I had held close to my heart and loved at Taylor had died after I left.

When I began speaking, I told the students I lived on Sammy II.

Three of the students softly said "Sammy II sucks."

I smiled, and felt like I had never left.

I need a ball shammy, because Samm...