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Written by Chalupa   
Wednesday, 23 March 2011 11:22

I came across this article today mentioning a high school student is entering the 500 movies in a year contest.  Has anyone heard about this?  I just did a quick Google search and saw some YouTube videos of contestants reviewing their films, but I couldn't easily find something announcing the contest.  I could totally do this.  One year in college my buddy Bente and I watched 100 movies during our January term.  During that three week period we were also attending 4hrs of class a day with at least 4-6hrs of homework.

A bigger challenge would be 1500 movies in a year.  I did some quick math and if you watched three movies a day after work, and doubled up your weekends to watch roughly 8 movies each on Saturday and Sunday, that'd give you a rough estimate of 30 films a week.  There will be times when you watch something long and epic like Spartacus or an extended version of the Lord of the Ring films.  This would mess up your 90 to 120min average for film length.  You might also want to go outside, buy groceries, or see another human being once in a while.  So if you estimate 52 weeks in a year, 30 films a week would give you 1560 watched movies.  I admit this is a very aggressive schedule, and I definitely couldn't do it now that I'm "married with children."  Well I guess I could do it if I skipped sleeping...What do you fellow dudes think?  Could you watch 500 or 1000 movies in a year?  You could really dive deep into some of your favorite genres, or watch all those film Quentin Tarantino rips off.  The catch is you have to review each one.  I'm not sure how extensive, but you need to do a little reflection.

Good luck to Tim Fitzgerald.  I'm sure this will be an enlightening experience for him.


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