Episode 7 - Lebowski Culture
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Saturday, 28 July 2007 16:14

Episode 7 -Lebowski Culture

This month Lofton came back to help us discuss Lebowski culture from his new penthouse loft. This includes merchandise, catch phrases, art, literature, fan sites, etc. Any place you see references to The Big Lebowski in pop-culture. We sadly missed Lebowski Fest 07, but are still hoping to interview Will and Scott, the creators, at a later date. Another story from Sloppy Joe along with a new and improved trivia section.


Guest Speaker
Tim Lofton

Opinion Question
If "the Dude" was a real actor, how do you think he would be handling all of this fame he's gained since 1998?

Answer: The Dude as a rich and famous guy? With someone like the Dude I can’t imagine him acting any differently then the way he is today. He’s just too laid back and chemically medicated to be someone other than the Dude we know currently. I think he’d give a nice chunk of change to his favorite charities, save the whales I’m sure would be among them, then some how would get duped out of the rest either by unscrupulous business associates or “misunderstandings” with the IRS ultimately ending up back where he was in the beginning. But after all that he’d still just pick up his bowling ball and hit the lanes with Walter content as ever.

Winner: Dan



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