Theory on the Eagles E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Saturday, 04 October 2008 10:10
Hey folks,
My name is Woody and I have been listening to your show quite a bit this week.  I am only up to episode 11 so forgive me if you have already addressed these things:
First off, there is no way that I am going to fall for the idea that the Dude just does not like Donny.  On the same episode that you propose this idea, you say that the Dude would not be petty, hating Donny would be incredibly petty, especially considering that Walter can be much more of a thorn in the Dudes side than Donny.  However, this notion of Donny being imaginary freaked me out good.  I am going to go back and watch the film just to personally insure that that is plausible.  If true that is so awesome and even before Sixth Sense came!
I was surprised that you did not mention Jimmy Dale Gilmore (Smoky) in the music episode.  This is perhaps an artist that could or should be included in the soundtrack...that said, I only know a few of his songs with the Flatlanders, and I am not sure any of them are duderific.
I have been thinking about the issue of the Dude, Mr Peaceful Easy feeling, not liking the Eagles.  The Dude is laid back and unpetty right, so there has to be some precipitating events that create this history of hatred towards the Eagles.  I am imagining that although we only have the period of time that the movie explores to examine the Dude's life, his life is pretty much the same throughout.  He takes the fatalistic way out and just rolls with all of the changes generally.  So this hatred is completely out of character unless he has history with The Eagles.  So I am imagining there are at least 3 incidents with the Eagles in his past.  The Dude said he was a roadie for Metallica, what if there was some mix up between which night the Eagles and Metallica were supposed to play.  The dude shows up and begins setting up for Metallica.  In the midst of this he meets up with Don Henley backstage, and Don tells him to get all his shit off the stage.   I am just speculating, perhaps the listeners can suggest other possibilities or add to this scenario.
I am really enjoying your podcasts.  Sometimes they bring some new shit to light, and others I feel like I have found some kindred spirits, even if they are not quite sure what songs Neil Young has done.  Keep up the great work.  I look forward to catching up with the most recent podcasts.
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