Upset (Ep 32) E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Tuesday, 28 July 2009 01:47
Hey guys, you may remember me from LF this year - I was one of the Autobahn guys from Columbus (well, Dublin, OH).  I think I talked to Chalupa about the 80 some gallons of milk they had for the caucasians...though I'd had a few too many by then...
Anyway, I was listening to your Podcast and was upset about something.  As far as my pals and I were concerned, the best costume on Saturday night was the Quintana Child Care.  Beyond being funny, it was fully developed.  They had personalities, brochures and even the candy thing - which was funny as hell.  Where do you guys get off being the taste police? 
I mean, what the fuck?  We're dealing with a movie that covers everything from drug use to pornography.  People get hurt in these activities - why not chastise any Dude who pulls out a fake Jay or any Treehorn or Bunnie who thrusts their hips.  Hell, I bet I could list a dozen things in TBL where folks could be affected, insulted or hurt.  Who are you to draw the line?  When do we get their rebuttal?  Very uncool.  Very uncalled for.  What makes you so high and mighty that you can insult those guys (and the other Achievers who enjoyed their costumes)?  Then, to finish reaming them, you actually say, "I don't want to trash anyone here," or something to that effect; that dowsn't make it better - that's just fucked up.  You owe them an apology - and me an hour of my time. 
Still Abiding,
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