Adam Bertocci
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Monday, 25 January 2010 20:59


Name: Adam Bertocci

Favorite Character: Walter from Lebowski, Ariel from Shakespeare

Likes: movies, screenwriting, horrifyingly offensive humor

Dislikes: oh, many

Sworn Enemies/Arch Nemesis: danger is everywhere

Favorite Sport: I did drama club in high school

Favorite Food: anything that may well kill me

Memorable Quotes: From a Something Awful goon: "One can hardly ignore the Taoist implications of 'Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling.'"

Best Bowling Score: I'm not entirely certain I've ever even cleared 100 points

Involved in Episode: 37

Adam Bertocci is a screenwriter and filmmaker working in and around New York. His films have played at festivals all across America, with stops in England, Canada and Australia, garnering numerous awards and nominations along the way. Achievements as a writer-director include the experimental romcom "Love: The Movie", the kitty-cat-cute romance "Pat Gets a Cat" and the Star Wars/NYC mashup "Brooklyn Force"; he also penned the family Christmas comedy "Wreck the Halls" starring Mickey Rooney. He works as a Final Cut Pro editor by day and shops his spec feature screenplays to Hollywood by night.

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