Jim Hoosier
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Monday, 30 November 2009 12:22

Name: Jim Hoosier

Favorite Character: Tough one.. I guess now it has to be the Dude.. I do love to watch Robbin Williams in anything though..

Likes: Well I loved to Bowl.. I like betting the Ponies and like to watch all Sports..

Dislikes: I hate cigarette smoke.. Can't stand to smell like a walking cancer stick..

Sworn Enemies: Wow I don't have any really. If you want to get away from reality then The Dude and Walter have to come into play..

Favorite Sport: Bowling..But when I was growing up I loved to Fish and play Baseball..

Favorite Food: Love Steak.. Give me steak and potatoes and I feel like a KING..

Memorable Quotes: Can you see me pointing my FINGER..Sorry..

Best Bowling Score: Best Game 299..Almost perfect for once in my life.. Best series (3games) 762...

Involved in Episodes: Lebowski Fest 2008, Liam Shammy

"TBL" has really been a great ride.. I have met so many great people. It has been my pleasure and I hope to meet many more of you.
Thanks for allowing me to be a part of something so GREAT..  LIAM

Jim Hooser played the role of Liam O'Brien in The Big Lebowski.  Even though his role was not a speaking one, I can assure you he's near and dear in the hearts of many Achievers.  Jim was the first actor from the film to contact both Lebowski Fest and the Lebowski Podcast.  Jim often makes appearances at Lebowski Fests around the US giving bowling pointers, signing autographs and showing how to do an amazing belly-shake-strike-dance.  Recently, Jim has endorsed an official Lebowski Fest bowling ball shammy.  You can get yours at LebowskiFest.com.



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