Trent Whidden
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Sunday, 28 February 2010 23:20

Name: Trent Whidden

Favourite (Favorite, in American) Character: It changes regularly.  I’m going to say Walter.  As fantastic as The Dude is, Walter just seems a little more complex.  Why doesn’t he ever speak up when being told off by the Jesus?  And despite never wanting him to say peep, he shows some genuine emotion and concern for his friend Donny toward the end.  Now that’s depth.  Liam is also a favourite – how can he make such an impact without any lines??  Would the Jesus be the same without him?  I say not.  And let’s not forget the gung ho little cop that takes The Dude’s stolen car report.  “Separate incidents.”  Indeed sir.  But look at me, I’m ramblin’ again...

Likes: Is this a week...what day is this?

Dislikes: When you tell people that you had a bad day and they say, “if it makes you feel any better, I had a bad day too.”  Why the hell would that make me feel any better?  You think I’m a sadist?  I also don’t like it when I ask people how it’s going and they reply with, “It’s going.”  What does that mean exactly?  Oh, and watching movies with foul language on Spike.  It’s a guy’s station in the 21st century.  You don’t have to bleep words like boobies and crap anymore.

Sworn Enemies/Arch Nemesis: Oprah.  

Favourite Sport: I really enjoy clapping.  

Favourite Food: I joke not about food.  Ribs and lasagne.  Not together though, separately, but on back to back days.

Memorable Quotes: Hell, after watching The Big Lebowski 30 times, they’re all memorable.  I tend to use “Careful man, there’s a beverage here” quite often, as well as “What are you a f#$%in’ Park Ranger now?”  My girlfriend recently used “Do you see what happens Larry?” and a more proud boyfriend I could not have been.

Best Bowling Score: Five grand.

Involved in Episode: 38



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