Digital Buddha, Episode 26
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Friday, 30 January 2009 03:16



Digital Buddha is another one of our long time listeners.  We think it's fair to say he has single-handedly kept our forum going.  D-Buddha keeps us well informed with dudeist thoughts, ideas, and links of interest.  Please say hi to him on the forum and let him know you appreciate all of his contributions and hard work.   If you think you should be featured in our listener spotlight, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !  Here are the ins and outs on our friend Digital Buddha. . .

Name: Oliver
Nickname/Forum name: digitalbuddha
Location: small L.A. Beach community (Manhattan Beach, CA)
Occupation: Internet Marketing, Web 2.0, Google Pay Per Click Management, Web Design, email marketing, web development...i.e., a bum.
Personal websites, blogs, MySpace, etc:  No personal ones.
Hobbies: I treat women like women, man. Flying, sailing, computers, good sci-fi movies, beer, Hooters bar, beer, did I say beer? My hot tub.
Best piece of Lebowski memorabilia: The Awesome latest edition of The Big Lebowski...its awesome!
Favorite Lebowski character: The Dude and second is Donny.
Recent Dude moment: I forgot to pay one of my credit card bills, they called and said it was due and I answered and said "oh, ah, okay............ahh, I'll just slip it under the door." The dickhead on the other side got a bit nasty and said "I'm not sure what you mean, Sir, but we need your payment in as soon as possible, would you like to pay over the phone?" I answered and said "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening." Then I hung up and payed online. Bunch of assholes.
How long have you been listening? Year and a half or so? maybe a bit more?
Favorite episode or podcast moment: Your first one, first podcast....was great to see more dudeism being discussed on the net. Perfect use for podcasting. Loved it! Very casual, nice podpad you got there I said to myself...completely unspoiled. I dig the way you do business.
How does The Big Lebowski apply to your every day life? Inspires me to be relaxed when people get very undude around me. When someone blows a cork, I try to fall back on "that's interesting, that's interesting, man" or "far out."
Are you a practicing Dudeist? Does the Pope shit in the woods? :-)
How many times have you seen The Big Lebowski? Got no leads there...maybe 300 times? I keep a copy in my ride and put it on a lot while driving around.
Best Bowling Score: 115
Favorite Lebowski book: No book, but Wikipedia articles like
What is the best Lebowski reference or item you have seen in pop culture? On CNN once, one of the talking heads mentioned that he was very dude-like in a quick discourse between a couple of news casters. I thought that was cool.
What is your favorite movie with a Lebowski actor/actress in it? Raising Arizona ...a classic! It rocks!

Digital Buddha will be featured in the Listener Spotlight on Episode 26.



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